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Our Work

We have done a bunch of rad stuff that we can't really show you here. Let us do rad work on your stuff and see it here soon.

Please contact us if you are interested in seeing our portfolio.

Project Types

High Volume Consumer Electronics

Electro-mechanical Medical Devices

Trend-setting Consumer Goods

First in Catergory Technology Development

Thorny Design Challenges

Featured Project

HaptX Gloves G1

Partnered with HaptX in the enclosure and mechanical system engineering design and development, testing, and manufacturing transfer.

[© 2024 HaptX Inc.]
Pre-production cosmetic prototype. [© 2024 HaptX Inc.]
HaptX Gloves G1 CU right-hand glove side view.jpg
HaptX Gloves G1 - Glove pair + Airpack for desktop.jpg
Haptx Gloves G1 - Airpack front + backpack.jpg
HaptX Gloves G1 - back of hands.jpg
HaptX Airpack and Gloves G1. [© 2024 HaptX Inc.]

Hardware development can be fraught with many possible obstacles: cost, schedule, or unseen technical risk. Our team has seen projects from beginning to completion and knows the path through. With strong technical depth and broad experience across the entire development process, decades of experience, and expert colleagues to rely on we can take your project and team to market realization.

Experienced Engineers

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